eastern red cedar

I made this sculpture based on the small maquette below to see if it would work. Then I cut large timbers of eastern red cedar freehand on a bandsaw. The pieces are attached with very long structural timber screws. The next step will be mounting it on a round concrete pad.

Cedar sculpture in progress

This is an abstract wood sculpture sitting on my table, still in progress. I cut cedar timber freehand on a bandsaw and then assembled it using structural self drilling lag screws. It is pretty much finished, I think. The next step is figuring out how to put it on a concrete base and install it outside so it doesn’t tip over. That’s the plan, anyway.


An assemblage of wood that I cut as though drawing freehand. I was thinking about the classical idea of the “line of beauty.” It was interesting that the pieces seemed to naturally flow together.

Then I assembled the arrangement with nails and glue. After trying many colors, it seemed to feel best painted a neutral off white.


24 x 24 x 1.5”

This is an assemblage of flat 1/4” luan plywood pieces. I shaped them with a scroll saw and finally, finally sanded them smooth after learning about using wood filler and sanding sealer on luan. It’s very grainy and splintery. Then I painted the pieces with Montana acrylic spray paint and glued them all together.

It received honorable mention in the Garrison Art Center’s smallWORKS 2 1/2D show which is opening this Saturday.