Irene Rofheart Karlen

 I have been interested in making art since being able to hold a crayon without tipping over. I studied at the Art Students League, The School of Visual Arts, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, MassArt at Bennington and the Garrison Art Center.

As a freelance illustrator for many years, I had clients such as Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, Ford Motors, Topps and anybody else who needed drawings. The work included editorial, advertising and textbook illustration as well as animation.

My approach has always been an emotional, aesthetic experimentation with tools, materials, skills and techniques. I have explored traditionaland nonobjective oil and acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, collage and ceramics.

In recent years I have been making sculpture from raw wood and repurposed salvaged material. I am particularly interested in the strength and life of wood and how shaping it can interact with my body movement.

Selected Shows

Dec 2018     SMALLworks 2 1/2 D group show, Garrison Art Center

“Missing you All” 3D pen assemblage, “Foreshadows” sculpture, honorable mention

Feb 2017     BLUE group show, Gallery66, Cold Spring NY

“New York Times Home Delivery” tied and melted blue plastic bags

Mar 2016    Collage from the Heart group show, SIA Gallery, Peekskill New York

“Among Memories” collaged vintage paper fragments


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